Double Denim


I was just asking some friends the other day…..whats the deal with denim on denim is it a Yay or a Nay?? I never know when I dress myself or style on shoots what the rules are on denim on denim….I just had to find out for myself, and look what I found after doing some research!!

Its actually a  Spring/summer 2012 Trend

How to Wear it: Try a chambray shirt or mixing different washes and textures for your denim on denim look. Don’t pair the same shade of denim with the same color top. Remember to think outside the jean jacket; there are denim shirts, vests and blazers, too.

The trick is all in the mix. Combining pieces in different colors and washes

D&G Spring/Summer 2012

This look is so sexy!! i have to actually have it!! ……im going shopping!!


Also spotted this top bellow on the Mr Price online website, i think it Rocks!! Definitely getting my husband one of those!

29 .08.12

The Denim Shirt R11999

look at this little number for Mr Price!! love it!!



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